IT Services

Onsite Help Desk & Remote Support

The cornerstone of our business is offering the best technical support for small and medium sized business in the New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area. Our technicians are available to come to your office and fix problems large and small, or to provide regular maintenance and consulting. Sometimes, there is no substitute for having an experienced technician come to your office and work right beside you to diagnose and fix a problem. At these times, call us and we are available to come to your premises. Our technicians can travel anywhere in the tri-state area. Please note that unless you have an ongoing maintenance contract there is a two hour minimum for onsite technical support fee.

For those times when an onsite visit isn't absolutely necessary, we provide expert support remotely. As long as your Internet connection is working we use a variety of methods to attach to your computer and fix problems quickly and efficiently. Using these tools we can share your screen and work with you over the phone to replicate the problem and then fix it immediately, or schedule a visit if we cannot fix it remotely. Our remote connection methods are safe and secure and will only work with your permission. For remote support there is no minimum so this can be a time saving feature when an onsite visit is not essential.


Hardware Upgrades PC and Mac

Hardware is a relatively cheap commodity. Hardware upgrades should be budgeted every 4-5 years to maintain the maximum efficiency of your business and productivity. Managing hardware upgrades can seem daunting. It can be confusing to determine what kinds of workstation or server hardware to select nowadays with so many competitive options.

We configure PC,  Mac  and Dell PowerEdge servers. We have a direct line of communications with Dell to assure that the right choices are made for your business when purchasing new hardware. We can also work with Dell to preconfigure your system to minimize installation time.

In some cases it is desirable to build a custom computer from parts. Our staff members have been doing this since the 1980's. We are experts at selecting the best brand parts and building custom workstations and servers that push the envelopes of performance. In these special cases you are getting a hand built computer to meet very special needs such as number crunching, multi-media content creation and editing, or computer aided design (CAD).

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades can be confusing, but sometimes a new feature makes it worthwhile or compelling. Before you spend hundreds or thousands for that software upgrade - speak to us to help you sift through the technical requirements. We can even contact the software vendor on your behalf to help ascertain the best upgrade path. Does it make sense the upgrade now, or after a hardware upgrade? How will be data be affected by the upgrade? We can help answer these questions to minimize your downtime.

Operating System Upgrades

With today’s operating system choices, like Windows 7 and Apple Snow Leopard, it is confusing asking the question "Should I upgrade?". The answer is usually "yes" if you desire to take advantage of more modern security and performance features. But sometimes there are considerations to factor in, like software and hardware compatibility. We can help you answer these questions by taking a look at what you do in your business and recommending the correct upgrade path for the operating systems - both workstation and server.

Antivirus and Antispyware

Virus infection is among the top causes of loss of productivity and data in today's small business environment. Today’s viruses and spyware are powerful and mature. Windows XP or any earlier Operating System is no match for them, even with certain antivirus programs installed. Unless the users are highly technical and savvy, it is not hard for a Windows XP computer to become infected and unusable. We have a great deal of experience determining the virus type and removing it. Normally we recommend an immediate upgrade or reinstall to Windows 7, this operating systems has much higher built-in virus defenses. We can also recommend anti-virus programs that are more effective.

Small Business Networking and Upgrades

We build business networks. Each network is unique so our engineers take the time to custom design each business network to exceed your requirements and stay within budget. Today, Gigabit networks are very cost effective, yet many companies are still running 10 or 100 Megabit networks. Why not boost your network speed tenfold and take advantage of the enormous throughput and efficiency of modern networking switches?

In addition, we can help you to clean up your existing network and install new cabinets, racks, upgrade wiring, and install a clean, neat patch panel in your server room or closet. We always label the network clearly and provide a network diagram and documentation so problems are solved easily and quickly.

VPN and Branch Offices

Small businesses that need to tie two offices together over a WAN will find our experience and knowledge refreshing. We can help you build a secure, "always on", hardware to hardware network that will make your main office and branch offices appear like one unified network. These VPNs, or "Virtual Private Networks" are not just reserved for large businesses. Even small businesses can have a permanent VPN linking offices, or even remote users to the home office.

Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are a defacto standard for business today. But there are many pitfalls - slow speeds and insecure networks cause major problems for wireless networks leading to loss of productivity and loss of data. Wireless networks can be fast and secure. Let us show you how. We work with best of breed hardware to provide a strong signal throughout your entire office, and the right kind of security to prevent prying eyes from attaching to your network and snooping your data.

Service Plans

Smart business owners choose service plans to keep their networks running efficiently. We offer monthly and quarterly small business support plans. These plans are designed to give you support at an "all you can eat" price. Support plans also let you set your I.T. budget at a fixed level.

Certified Backup Solutions

Backup is the number one priority for small business. Today, many businesses do not have any backups or they have inadequate backups. It is very common for a business owner to swap backup tapes every day for years and not realize that the drive no longer works, or the backup software has not run for years. Often, it is too late to save data.

We do not believe in using tapes today. Instead, we use fixed or removable external hard drives. Using built-in or third party software, we configure a backup to disk strategy that works and we configure alerts if there is a problem. In addition, we believe strongly in off site backup, which is in addition to the full onsite backup. We prefer using third party services for off-site backup like Storage Guardian or Mozy, and we can help you select the right plan and configure it to protect your data and access it from another location if your office became unavailable.


Firewalls are not just for large business anymore. Even a 1 or 2 man small business should have a firewall to protect the network and provide content filtering. We use Sonicwall to bring you the best small business firewalls at an affordable price. We have extensive experience with Sonicwall hardware to enable a multitude of configurations. Firewalls not only protect your data, but also allow you to regulate what your users can do on the Internet. Using content filters you can make certain websites and resources inaccessible. Firewalls also provide gateway antivirus and antispyware services, so viruses stop before they enter your network. Please note some services require monthly fees.

Security Audits

Small Businesses cannot take security for granted. Today there are many specialized products to make your organization safe and secure. We will do a security analysis to identify security flaws and patching them quickly so your data is safe from hackers.

Internet Plans

Ask us about upgrading your Internet plan to a cheaper, faster speed and let us assist in the transition so your Internet, email and remote access gets a boost with a minimum of downtime.

Remote Access

Today remote access is essential for productivity. Working from home or the road is common and easy thanks to plentiful high-speed Internet access and specialized hardware and software. We are familiar with most solutions and we can custom tailor a plan so your employees can access your network from anywhere with high security and the ability to audit the access. We are experts at remote access computing.

Email Hosting and Gateway AntiSpam/AntiVirus Filtering

NYTechCentral can connect you or your company to an Hosted Exchange Servers infrastructure to provide you with Email Anywhere. Microsoft Exchange is the essential email and communications platform. Using Outlook and Outlook Web Access you are always connected to your email. In addition to email we can provide you with spam and virus filtering to ensure your Inbox is always clean and relevant. We also support onsite email servers that reside at your office.

Websites and Hosting

We can build or upgrade your business website. We use Content Management Systems like Mura to build small business websites so you can edit the website yourself from anywhere without knowledge of HTML programming. We'll also host and support your website for a reasonable fee.

Mobile Device Synchronization

If you opt for out Hosted Exchange email service, we can synch your iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Android device so your phone always stays connected to your email. Our Exchange servers "push" email to your device so you don't have to check email to get a new message. Our Exchange servers also support calendar synchronization. Keep one view on your business whether you are at the office, at home or on the road. All in real time.