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NYTechCentral has been successfully delivering business to business, e-commerce, custom Internet applications and ongoing technology consultation to clients in various industries since 1998. In essence we provide all of the services needed to develop a successful online business presence. Our services include: website design, website maintenance, website hosting, internet application programming and internet / print marketing services. We offer these services to small to midsize businesses, non-profit organizations and e-commerce start-ups.


We help our clients succeed in their respective markets by working to defined the client's business objectives and expectations pertaining to creating an online business presence.  During our initial meeting with a client our focus is on gathering as much information as possible about the company's business services and company branding so that we can accurately assess the technology needed to create a functional website that carries the company's brand to the internet.

After our inital assessment meeting, we write a proposal that outlines the company's online objectives, scope of work, technology integration requirements, project cost and marketing stategies which is submitted to the client for review. We understand the need to be precise in communicating and defining the scope of the project in laymans term so that the clients expections are met on paper before any design work is started. Upon the clients acceptance of the proposal and the signing of the contract, we begin to develop the design elements, database structure, navigation outline and programming functionality as outlined in the proposal specifications.

Throughout the scope of the project milestones are set where the client reviews and signs off on work completed so that the client is assured that their vision on paper is being developed as specified.


To manage our clients website after completion we use MURA CMS a powerful yet user-friendly content management system. MURA CMS gives our client the ability to manage all facets of their online business. Out of the box MURA buit-in features gives our clients the ability to capture and integrate visitor specific contact information into manageable mailing lists and  email blast which is ideally suit to online marketing. MURA also gives our clients the ability to perform content updates and new content additions to their website through a simple user-friendly interface.

Using MURA allows us the ability to build extended application functionality that may be required to address a unique situation vital to a company's business management. MURA CMS offers many features to manage the day to day backend operations of a website. So many that we can't list them all here but you can view a full description of the features offer in MURA CMS by clicking here.

MURA CMS (Content Management System) is suited to full-fill all of our clients website management needs.


We use the tools of the trade to implement SEO, monitor website visitor active, create email marketing campaigns, banner advertising programs and print advertising to promote your business services. We show our clients how to write the content for their website so that it helps to  increase the position of lheir listing in the search engine and we submit our clients websites to all of the major search engines.

MURA CMS out of the box has built-in features to create email marketing campaigns that allow you to send 1000s of emails to your prospective clients automatically while appearing to be sent individually, elimnating the appearance of your emal messages being marked as spam. This is a HUGE feature benefit when sending email blast. MURA CMS gives our clients the ability to add META TAG data to every page in a website which is a vital element used by search engines to indexed website properly.

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Below is a sampling of websites we have developed.

Joe Fox Law, Inc.

Joe has been admitted to practice law in the State of New York since 1984 and before the United States District Court for the Southern and Eastern Districts and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. His areas of concentration are Real Estate, Trusts, Wills and Estates, Corporate Organization/Litigation and Dissolution, Bankruptcy, Debtor and Creditor Rights.

Case Study
Mr. Fox needed a simple website to promote his business services that would not require ongoing maintenance.

Technology Implementaion
HTML, Coldfusion 8.01, JQuery, mySQL

Konnectory, LLC

.Referrals, introductions, targeted audience events.

Case Study
Veronica Mackey, CEO of Konnectory, LLC needed to have a web presence developed for her company to desiminate information about the company's services and also have the ability to send email blast to companies and individual who have inquired about services and sponsored event held by Konnectory. With MuraCMS we were able to bring her vision into form.

Technology Implementaion
MURA CMS, JQuery, HTML, Coldfusion 10, mySQL, Google Analytics

Marilyn Puder-York Ph.D

Dr. Puder-York is one of the pioneers in applying clinical psychology to the enhancement of executive careers. She has specialized in coaching executives and professionals striving for excellence for over 30 years. She is also a consultant to CEO's, senior executives and human resource professionals providing assistance in their management of behavioral issues in the workplace.

Case Study
Dr. Puder-York needed a website to promote her business service that she could maintain and update.

Technology Implementaion
HTML, JQuery, custom built Content Management System.

TruthWear Clothing.

Case Study
TruthWear Clothing is a ecoommerce website that sells christian tshirts. The wesite features SSL encryption, a custom designed fundrasier application and credit card processing technology.

Technology Implementaion
Shopify Ecommerce Platform

Wilfred Sessoms Art & Photography is home to the Art and photography of Wilfred Sessoms.

Case Study
Created photo and art galleries in display samples of the artist/photographers work.

Technology Implementaion
MURA CMS, HTML, CSS, Coldfusion 10, and mySQL